Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bert Records History

Chinch Bugs are planning a new Bert Records release on 1/1/2012. So, it is time to repackage a Bert Records web site. This page represents the humble beginnings phase of the new web site. A start.


Bert Records released 18 CDs between 1997 and 2003:

Bert 18-- Bill Patten, love songs from the grassy knoll
Bert 17-- Charlie Parka and Jesus Las Vegas, Cocktail Weiners
Bert 16-- Cave Music IV, Mandatory Helmets
Bert 15-- Urban Hillbilly Quartet, Hot and Now
Bert 14-- Manplanet, Skylab
Bert 13-- Skeeter Pete & the Sullivan Mountain Boys: review
Bert 12-- Todd Newman, KEWI
Bert 11-- Art Carnage, Here's Your Opportunity
Bert 10-- Guys Can Talk
Bert 9-- The Great Datescapade
Bert 8-- Steeplejack, Post-Action Blues
Bert 7-- Cave Music, The Abducted
Bert 6-- Art Carnage (Dan Newton), Mill City Blue Blowers
Bert 5-- Falling in Love with Steeplejack
Bert 4-- Auto Body Experience, "There's No Excuse" Sampler
Bert 3-- Jeff Carpenter, Shut Up Mom I'm On the Phone
Bert 2-- Steeplejack, Song for Swingin' Lovers
Bert 1-- Cave Music, Holiday Cheer

Auto Body Experience
Dan Newton and associated bands
Andy Sullivan and associated bands are usually at

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